Monday, 28 November 2011

What the hell is: Pixel Art?

What is pixel art, where did it come from and where is it now?

Pixel art stems from old school arcade gaming when graphic machines where some basic all images had to be displayed as a series of pixels. Classic pixel art creations include space invaders and the original Mario games. Back then it was just a matter of course, but now as old school games and graphics come back into fashion pixel art has had a massive come back. People are not only recreating classic designs butt bringing modern games and images into the art form.
Pixel art is comprised of large squares of pure colour, each of the same size. A typical pixel art will be made out of 5-10 different colors. However they can be more simple or complex depending on the designer. Pixel art can be created using almost anything, from tiles and pencils to computer programs and games. Perhaps the most recent development in the art form has been the up rising of Minecraft in the last two years. Minecraft is a survival sandbox game in which you delete and place blocks as well as fighting off creatures and monsters. The game also features a creative mode designed specifically for designing buildings, pictures and computer circuits. Players have taken to this mode for creating pixel art which is now a thriving community withing the game. 

Here are some of my examples:

Bounce Pad


Bullet Bill


Poison Mushroom

Maario Pixel Art 2

Maario Pixel Art 1

Maario Pixel Art 3

Pixel Mario


Pot Plant


My work can also be found on "The Obnoxious Geek's" youtube channe:

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